Air Conditioning

If you are looking for car air conditioning services in Huddersfield, Surefix Motoring is able to top-up and service your air conditioning systems. Every A/C system loses 10 - 15% of its refrigerant which can cause many health damaging problems such as the build-up of fungus and bacteria in the evaporator core. Regular servicing can stop such damage which can occur in the compressor. No matter where they are in the UK, Surefix Motoringalways tries their utmost to fix any problems which our customers face with their air conditioning system.


How can Surefix Motoring improve an air conditioning system?

Our main aim is to provide cost effective and high quality air conditioning services. The air conditioning services at Surefix Motoring includes:

  • Removal of old gas.
  • Vacuuming and checking the system for leakage.
  • Adding oil, dye and new gas.
  • Checking the temperature.

Not only can Surefix Motoring offeran air conditioning service in Huddersfield but we can also repair other parts of a vehicle as well. Surefix Motoring provide first-class services including car body repairs, tyre fitting, clutch repair, exhausts, batteries and MOT services at extremely high standards. MOT services and all types of servicing can also be completed by Surefix Motoring as well. Surefix Motoring is able to provide all of the aforementioned types of services in Bradford, Huddersfield and Bingley and also in other areas around the UK. We always go that extra mile to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with the assistance they received.

Surefix Motoring provide a value for money guarantee

Surefix Motoring’sreasonably priced services are more competitive than main dealers. This is because we can save you money when the whole of a car is serviced - the service price, car parts and the labour charges are all included in the final bill. Surefix Motoring’s qualified technicians complete their work using the latest diagnostic techniques. Even if you cannot bring your vehicle to us, we can arrange a pick up delivery service which can be from your home or place of work. No demand is too much for Surefix Motoring to meet.

How to find out more information

We always put the needs of our customers first. That is why we offer many different ways in which we can be contacted. Surefix Motoring provides customers with the opportunity to contact us by telephone and also by email as well. If you suddenly discover that your air conditioning system is not working, you can book an appointment over the phone and even online.


Surefix Motoring also have a contact form as well. If you are unable to get in touch with us, we can contact you at a time which is more convenient. After all, any problems with your air conditioning system should be sorted out as soon as possible but you might not have enough free time in order to contact us. Surefix Motoring will discuss through with you about when you would like one of our team members to get in touch in order to book an appointment.