Starter Motors

A starter motor is a powerful electrical motor that initiates the first step for the engine to begin. A heavy current is required in order to crank the engine and it is attached to the battery with large cables. When you turn the ignition key to start your vehicle, the battery voltage travels through a circuit to energise the starter motor. If the starter motor doesn't run, there could be problem in the motor or the battery might have failed.

Surefix Motoring provide starter motors that can be relied on

High quality motors are readily available at Surefix Motoring for cars of different makes and models. We manufacture starter motors in Halifax according to the original equipment specifications. Surefix Motoring also provide a 12 month manufacturer's warranty. We can install a new starter motor and, if your motor has a minor problem,it can be repaired.


Some of the major problems which Surefix Motoring is able to resolve include repairing the starter motor switch, badly worn brushes and burnt commutators. Any problems areresolved by Surefix Motoring in their well-equipped garages which are in Halifax and Huddersfield. Our qualified mechanics also provide effective and professional repairs/servicing for vehicle starter motors in Halifax and other surrounding locations in the UK.

Making surethat each motor works how it should

Surefix Motoring uses the best diagnostic equipment to check whereany faults are. Therefore, they can be repaired quickly. We are a well-established national company providing services in every town in the UK and can carry out repairs in and around the surrounding areas of Halifax. Allrepairing services which Surefix Motoring are responsible for are done to the highest standard. Consequently, our customers are very satisfied with the work we do for them.

How to find out more information

If your starter motor stops working, help is at hand. An appointment can be booked in order to find out what is causing a problem and whether it needs to be replaced. Surefix Motoring also provide customers with many opportunities to book an appointment.


Surefix Motoring can be contacted by telephone in order to arrange an appointment. We can also be emailed as well. Our contact form enables customers to get in touch with us. Surefix Motoring understands that the amount of free time which our clients have can be minimal. That is why when our customers send us a message, we will contact then in due course using the details which have been provided. Even when our clients have hardly any free time, a member of the team at Surefix Motoring will do it for you. Therefore, our customers will never have to spend any of their free time on contacting Surefix Motoring.


When your starter motor or other vehicle parts stops working and you want it to be sorted as soon as possible by qualified professionals, Surefix Motoring will complete whatever work is required. With our extensive experience, we aim to provide 100% satisfaction for each and every one of our customers.