Surefix Motoring is an automotive service provider that can help clients all over the UK. We offer every single type of service that is related to fitting, repairing and replacing a vehicle’s parts. We are a nationwide tyre retailer and service provider which delivers an excellent service to various locations across the UK.

Surefix Motoring provide a complete tyre service

Tyres are one of the major components of a vehicle because they are the only part that comes into direct contact with the road surface. Whether you require tyres for a car, a van or a bike, we stock a complete range of tyres. Surefix Motoring provides reliable advice, fair prices and competitive services for the products and services which are offered to our clients. We have a range of leading brands such as Goodyear, Michelin, Dunlop, Pirelli and many more.


Surefix Motoring is a one-stop shop for competitively priced car tyres. Just like an engine, tyres are an integral part of a vehicle. To keep a check on their budget, automobile owners buy discounted and cheap tyres for their vehicle. However, this doesn’t have to happen when choosing Surefix Motoring. This is because we offer cheap tyres that are from various leading brands. Surefix Motoringcan even provide a complete fitting and service of tyres such as wheel balancing, alignment, etc.

Going that extra mile

Surefix Motoringeven provide 12 months guarantee on products and services to their clients. Tyre maintenance is very important because it upkeepsthe functioning and roadworthy condition of a vehicle. It is legally required to have at least 1.6mm tread across the central three quarters of the tyre -Surefix Motoring will check the wear and tear of a tyre. If you are a registered customer, we can check the overall condition of a tyre.


Surefix Motoring have the latest equipment and employ only experienced staff in order to provide customers with the most professional service possible. As well as tyres, Surefix Motoring also offer a huge range of other services too such as MOT testing and servicing. We can also repair other parts such as clutches, batteries, exhausts and many others. Our customers enjoy peace of mind because they know that the assistance they have received from Surefix Motoring will be very helpful in maintaining the working condition of their car and its tyres.

Why contacting Surefix Motoring is a great idea

If you’re worried about the condition of your tyres, contact Surefix Motoring. When your vehicle is used regularly, the chance of any problems occurring increases substantially. If any problems actually happen with your tyres, Surefix Motoring can get rid of them as well as identifying any potential issues which might arise. After all, worn out tyres are not only dangerous for passengers but other vehicles as well because the chance of a crash happening is heightened – Surefix Motoring guarantees peace of mind because tyres will be roadworthy after customers choose their assistance.