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Collection and delivery service available

At Surefix Motoring Centre, we have a wide range of excellent free services including a collection and delivery service for vehicles that are repaired in our garage. Our team are proud to offer this service as it gives our customers more flexibility in their schedule. When your vehicle passes through our garage you know it’s in excellent hands. We’re happy to offer this collection and delivery service throughout , Huddersfield and their surrounding areas.

Excellent services for our customers

We are also proud to offer our customers a free courtesy car when their vehicle is repaired in our garage. Surefix Motoring Centre offers this service as it allows our customers to get on with their day to day lives. We care about our customers and want them to have the best customer service experience possible. Courtesy cars are subject to availability and should be booked with our team ahead of time.

All vehicles can be repaired at Surefix Motoring Centre

As well as offering all of these services we can also offer other services including air conditioning services and car diagnostic tests - this is thanks to our specialist equipment. All of these are available at competitive prices from our local garage. Surefix Motoring Centre is an independent business and we’re proud to offer competitive prices for all of our repairs.

Book online with Surefix Motoring Centre (Halifax)!

Enter your car registration for an instant price that you can book for free 24/7.

Book online with Surefix Motoring Centre (Huddersfield)!

Enter your car registration for an instant price that you can book for free 24/7.

We have a team of highly-knowledgeable mechanics

Surefix Motoring Centre is equipped with the latest equipment and is looked after by a team of professional, reliable mechanics. Our team is made up of local people too and that’s exactly why we’re passionate about helping our community and keeping them safe on the road. Our technicians have been trained to the highest standards and have a lot of practical experience and knowledge of the motor industry.

Tyre repairs and replacements that you can trust

Our mechanics put our customers first in all that we do and that’s why they’ll be happy to check your tyres. We promise to only repair your tyres if it’s absolutely necessary and safe to do so. For example, if your vehicle has a punctured tyre - we’ll repair this as it could lead to a driver losing control of their vehicle if untreated. In our garage, safety comes first for our customers and that’s why we’ll always be upfront. If your vehicle needs a new tyre we’ll offer you a competitive quote.

Stay safe on the road

Your tyres are an important part of your vehicle, so, checking them regularly is vital for your road safety. We suggest checking your tyres before every long journey - more specifically the pressure, general condition and tread depth of each tyre. The legal minimum for tread depth is 1.6mm - if your tyres are below this you could be at risk of getting a fine and points on your driving licence.

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