Brakes are the only way which allows a motorist to slow down or stop their vehicle. Surefix Motoring offers a secured ordering and shopping experience to clients that are located across the UK. We can repair and replace brakes for all makes and models becauseSurefix Motoringhas a stock of more than 200,000 parts in our warehouse. Therefore, you can choose from a huge selection of brakes which are of different shapes and sizes.


Why brakes need to be checked

All the elements of the brake system need to be checked according to the manufacturer's specifications. It requires forty five minutes to complete a brake check. It is really important to maintain brakesbecause they are one of the most important parts of a vehicle and have to be inspected regularly before going on long journeys. This is because brakes have a tendency to wear down very quickly on longer trips.


There are many signs of brake wear which signify that you need to repair or change your brake pads. Anannoying grinding noise is caused when the minimum thickness of the brake pads are crossed. Surefix Motoring is able to offer a free brake check to registered customers. It enables Surefix Motoring to determine the condition of a vehicle’s brakesand whether you need to repair or replace them.

Components of a braking system that may cause failure

Discbrakes - Disc brakes are applied on all four wheels. The hydraulic system starts by pressing the brake pedal that enables two pistons to push the pads on either side of the disc in a clamping motion. When the pads compress the discs, this causes friction and therefore slows down the wheels.


Drum brakes - The drum brakes are at the rear of a vehicle. When the brake pedal is pressed, the brake shoes that are present inside the drum move outwards so thatit comesinto contact with the inner surface of the drum. Friction is then caused while the wheel is spinning.


ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) – The ABS works on the principle that locked wheels will not create enough friction to stop the vehicle safely. It helps motorists to stop their vehicle when other elements are out of control. The four main components of an ABS are speed sensor, controller, valves and pumps.

Surefix Motoring can check your brakes

Proper functioning of all the parts of a braking system is necessary to ensure the safety of a car as well as the motorist. The parts need to be replaced when they are worn out as well in order to prevent accidents from happening because of brakes failing to work. When you register your vehicle with Surefix Motoring, the best service is provided because we offer great advice and products which are suitable to your vehicle and its requirements. At no point will unsuitablebrakes be used for your vehicle. To find out more information about our brake service, contact Surefix Motoring.