Diagnostic Service

A diagnostic service check in Huddersfield inspects the whole of a vehicle usingthe latest diagnostic equipment. This equipment can bepluggedintoa vehicle’s engine management system in order to cross-examine the ECU (Electronic Control Unit), check any faults and identify issues which have been raised. The diagnostic readers are plugged into the vehicle via an EOBD (Enhanced On-Board Diagnostics) connection. When the diagnostic service is completed, a hard copy is generated for the test results. These results are informed to our technicians who will then overcome the issues which have been detected. In fact, a large number of car problems can be determined using the diagnostic equipment.

What is the purpose of a diagnostic service?

Surefix Motoring has been established for thirty years and is renowned for guaranteed quality and excellent customer service. We specialise in car repairs and servicing as well as a diagnostic service. A diagnostic service in Huddersfield is required if an engine is making an abnormal sound or the power and performance has decreased. Our diagnostic specialists can clear code errors because they can break down the indication lights as well.


Surefix Motoring will also carry out minor adjustments and will only replace components if it is totally necessary. Therefore, the final cost of fixing your vehicle will be as realistic as possible. When you choose Surefix Motoring to complete a diagnostic service in Huddersfield, the total bill will be honestly priced.


When Surefix Motoring performs a diagnostics check, we will examine your vehicle against a number of possible issues which can cause problems. Therefore,our specialists will find out if a vehicle isrunning the way it should. As a result of pursuing every reason which might be causing faults, Surefix Motoring will be able to stop a sudden breakdown from becoming a reality.


Any car tuning and diagnostic service in Huddersfield includes checking the quality of an air conditioning system. As well as the aforementioned, Surefix Motoring offers all garage and car repair services. We specialise in MOT testing, repairs, car body repair services for body styling, minor repairs andall forms of servicing such as full and interim.

Why not get in touch with Surefix Motoring today?

If you require a diagnostic service, Surefix Motoring guarantees complete satisfaction. It is very easy to book an appointment for a diagnostic service and there are many ways in which Surefix Motoring can be contacted. As well as being contactable by phone, you can also email Surefix Motoring. Our contact form also enables our clients the opportunity to take advantage of a callback service. If our clients have minimal free time, Surefix Motoring can contact them at a time which is convenient. Clients won’t be contacted when they are busy or otherwise unable to talk. Surefix Motoring will speak to clients at a suitable time so that an appointment for a diagnostics service or any other type of repair/service can be arranged.