Performing two main functions, the shocker reduces the spring oscillation and helps with keeping the ride control. A shocker’s function is to decrease the bouncing spring. If this doesn’t happen, a driver cannot keep control of the wheels. When a driver loses control of their vehicle, wheels can bounce around on a road. Any ride without the full use of shockersmight be very exciting but it is dangerous and poses a threat to other road users.When passing over bumps on a road, the shockers keep tyres in place. If a car does not have the full use of its shockers, it will start to bounce in the air.

The quality of shockers should be maintained

Surefix Motoring offers all types of repairing and servicing of vehicles. There are many symptoms which we have identified with our previous customers who have not had the full use of shockers in Halifax and other parts of the UK. Such signs which determine that shockers need to be changed include vehicles rolling on the turns, bouncing on rough roads anda vehicle diving on its front end whilst braking – these are just some of the many indications which prove that shockers need to be replaced or repaired.


Worn or well-used shockers can accelerate the wear of tyres and other suspension parts such as ball joints, steering link, springs, etc. Shockers should really have a preventative check-up done when a vehicle is having an oil change. Generally lasting for 30,000 to 45,000 miles, the longevity of shockers is dependent on many factors such as the weight of a vehicle and the amount of time which is spent driving on rough or icy roads.

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Surefix Motoring has expert technicians that can guide you on how to take care of a vehicle’s parts in order to prevent it from suddenly breaking down. In order to overcome any faults which happens with your shockers or any other issues which your vehicle experiences, you should book an appointment with Surefix Motoring and this can be done in many ways.


Not only can you telephone Surefix Motoring to book an appointment but you can also send an email as well. Therefore, if any problems with your shockers suddenly happen, Surefix Motoring can be contacted as soon as possible. As well as being able to call and email Surefix Motoring, you can fill in our contact form which enablesus to get in touch via the number that’s provided and not vice versa.


We understand that the free time which our customers have can be limited and they may have a thousand and one things to do as well as sorting out the problems with their vehicle. Surefix Motoring takes the hard work out of fixing vehicles of any age and type because we will contact you after being told about the problems you are experiencing. After all, having the use of a vehicle is very important to our customers and if any problems arise at any point, Surefix Motoring will resolve them