A towbar is a device that’s used to tow a vehicle. Attached to the hulk, it connects to the vehicle which is due to be towed.There are two types of towbars which can be used – these are a triangular shaped system and a tow hitch system. A towbar is not a vehicle because it is merely a steel bar that is welded to the frame of the towing vehicle which is then attached to its rear.

The towbars that can be fitted by Surefix Motoring

Surefix Motoring offers different kinds of parts and towbars for clients that areacross the UK. We provide a lifetime guarantee for the fitting of new towbars in Bradford. 12 months warranty is also givenon wiring and other components. Surefix Motoring has professional towbar fitters who are already members of the NTTA (National Trailer and Towing Association). We provide top brands at our store and our technicians are happy to advise you about the best option that’s available for your car.

A leading motoring company

Surefix Motoring offer professional advice for the best application to suit your needs and requirements. We provide many towbar attachments such as bumper protectors, carriers and stabilisers at our stores in Huddersfield and Halifax. We deal with existing as well as new clients from major locations across the UK.

Meeting the needs of our customers

If you want to have a towbar fitted to your vehicle, Surefix Motoring will provide you with exactly what is needed. Surefix Motoring understands that their customers might want to tow very large and heavy vehicles which require a reliable towbar i.e.a caravan. Surefix Motoring’s professionals will discuss through with their clients about what they require and also what should be used as a towbar as well.


Surefix Motoring can also help if you want to have a towbar repaired. If the towbar which is currently installed has become broken because the wrong material was used, Surefix Motoring can provide advice about what should replace it.


Surefix Motoring is the market leader in providing various components of a vehicle. Not only are we able to offer brakes, suspension and exhausts but many other vehicle parts to clients who are all over the UK. Surefix Motoring has a team of expert mechanics in order to fit the parts in your vehicle using the latest techniques and equipment.

How to find out more information about our towbars

There are many ways in which Surefix Motoring can be contacted. Reachable by telephone, Surefix Motoring can also be emailed as well. Our contact form enables our clients to benefit from a callback service. By providing a relevant telephone number, we will use it to call you and book an appointment as well as answer any queries which you may have. Surefix Motoring guarantees that when you choose our towbar service, ultimate satisfaction isassured.So, why not get in touch with Surefix Motoring today? We look forward to hearing from you.